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Life is too short to eat bad food! Sharing great recipes, farm life, stories and photography from our Northern California dairy farm.

Cow Talk

Shhh....Don't Tell the Others
Emma & Barina's {calves} First Public Appearance
The Surrogate Cow
A Kid and a Calf
Sunrise Over the Dairy
Meet Barina, what happens in the calf barn with kids
Things That Happen in the Heifer Pasture
Little Emma and a First Time Dairy Farm Experience
The Innovative Dairyman
A Gate Left Open
Thing One and Thing Two~Bulls
Brittney The Rock Star
Scaredy Cow
Halter progress for Little Emma & Miss Brittney
Spring is in the air on the Dairy Farm
Meet Dairy Calves; Emma & Brittney
Stretch your bottom dollar~Freeze Milk & other Dairy Products
Big Bad Holstein Bulls
Calf Tongues
How do Dairy Cows Fare in Cold Weather?
Desert Dairy Farming
The Grass is Always Greener
Sun>Lush Green Grass = Happy Heifers
Dairy Farmers and Cattle Ranchers Keeping the U.S. Food Supply Safe - Vaccinations
Even the Heifers and Dairy Cows Are Enjoying the Indian Summer
My New Hobby on the Ranch-Hint it involves a tractor
Stuck in the Dairy Farm Cow Tofu
Big, Big Things Happening on the Ranch=Pooper Scooper
Is Your Milk Local?
A Day in the Life {of a manure spreader}
What's the best source of Calcium?
Who's Your Farmer?
Milk Testing and Why We Do It
Visitors from the CA Milk Advisory Board Career Internship Program
Tips On How to Survive a Visit to the Calf Barn
Left Stranded
Fresh Milk Straight From the Cow
News Worthy?  Really?! and I think I might be fired
Weaning Baby Beef
Girls Like Their Snacks
Working the Calf Barn
Where's the Beef?
It's a Bull! It's a Bull! It's a Bull!
Recycle~Dairies Recycle Just About Everything! Poop Talk
Organic vs. Conventional Dairy
Freestall Barns
The Woods Behind the Lake
Behind the Scenes at a Colorado Feedlot
Brand New Calf
A Good Hand Sucking in the Morning
Our Biggest Delivery of the Year
An Afternoon at the Birthing Barn
Milk, Cola and the Strength of your Bones
Leisure Time for Dairy Cows
New FAO Report on Dairy and Greenhouse Gases
Get the Skinny on Butter Facts
Calves Out to Pasture
How a Calf is Born
The Big Mooove~Our Beef
Eat Meat Mondays
Meat and Global Warming
Where's the Beef?
Bulls Feeling Frisky
The Futureof Dairy
National Ag Week
Our New Bad Boy~New Holland
Fun Dairy Facts
Tips on Choosing Cheese
Dairy Myths vs. Fact
Is the milk you buy local?
How we finish up the Milking Day
Why do Bull Terrify Me?
Cows on the Loose
Happy Heifers and Baby Calves
What the Humane Society of the United States REALLY Stands For
A Visit by Water Quality Control
Bag Balm~Not just for Teats
The Hoof Trimmer
Guess how much sand we use and why
In response to the Nightline Story
What we feed our Cows
How Nutritious is Flavored Milk?
Cleaning the Calf Barn
Hormones in Milk?
Redwood Empire Holstein Association Dinner
Raw or Pasteurized Milk?
Vet Check
Get the Skinny on Lean Beef
The Dairy Judging Team
Dairy Goddess' Farm
Milking Time Pin It